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Tuesday / November 29.
HomeNewsUS doesn’t want to channelise aid through PMO office: Vijay Advani

US doesn’t want to channelise aid through PMO office: Vijay Advani

US doesn't want to channelize aid through PMO office: Vijay Advani
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I have never seen such public-private coordination before – the might, brainpower and financial resources of the US government is now fully in motion and unleashed on India. It’s now all about coordination efficiency and speed of execution. Covid has to be stopped in its tracks or the Indian variant will spread through the world by the end of May: Vijay Chadur Advani

While India fights its battle against Covid19, the United States government and American companies are ganging up to help India from the second Covid-19 spike. PM Modi on Monday had spoken to US President Joe Bide wherein the two leaders discussed the COVID-19 situation in their respective countries. India’s ongoing efforts to contain the second wave of COVID-19 through expedited vaccination efforts, and ensuring the supply of critical medicines, therapeutics and healthcare equipment was discussed. President Biden conveyed solidarity with India and affirmed that the United States was determined to support India’s efforts by quickly deploying resources such as therapeutics, ventilators and identifying sources of raw materials to be made available for the manufacture of Covishield vaccines.

On the other hand, today details of the conversation between Blinken and industry leaders have been shared by Indian-American businessman Vijay Advani, who attended the call with the US secretary of state along with more than 139 other American businessmen saying that ” The US Army and the US state department are coordinating medication, aid and equipment – UPS and United / Delta have already volunteered flights to take equipment to India.”

Further in the message he also added that “The US government is in full support of India. Companies like Google, IBM, JP Morgan, FedEx Walmart, Coke, J&J, Pfizer are all aware that the impact in India will impact the world- both on health and economic. The biggest concern is that India wants everything coordinated through the PMO, whereas the US wants to work with various institutions in India as they believe a lot of aid will be locked up in Delhi and not get to the states as speed is critical. The US is also sending several military mobile hospitals for ICUs.

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Though the US bureaucracy took its time to get mobilized, America is shipping its stock of Astra Zeneca vaccines along with all raw material to make vaccines in India. The extra stock of oxygen equipment are being diverted from war-field hospitals to India, Advani said.

Along with this, Google is helping India with tracking Covid in India. Lockheed Martin sending helicopters and cargo flights to move equipment to small towns in India. Many firms have offered their empty offices in India to be used as vaccine centres.

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