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Thursday / September 29.
HomeDefenceSurvival boats found by ICG Samrat near Okha

Survival boats found by ICG Samrat near Okha

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An unmanned lifeboat of vessel MV Suvari H, which sank in deep seas last week was sighted off. The ship was spotted near Okha by the Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICG) Samrat during the routine patrolling. After confirming that there are no survivors onboard, the boat was towed away by ICGS Samrat. To avoid any kind of impediment and safe passage of merchant vessels transiting through the deep water channel in proximity the boat was towed away.

ICG ship towed a life-boat to safety till Okha

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Despite the challenging weather and sea conditions, the ICG ship towed the boat to safety till Okha where it was handed over to marine police for further necessary action. Another lifeboat, also of the same ill-fated ship was sighted by the Coast Guard Aircraft on patrol on 04 August, without any survivors.

ICG Samrat

The boat subsequently washed off to the coast near Porbandar and was handed over to marine police. Earlier on the same day, 15 out of 18 crew members of MV Suvari H were rescued by merchant ships in deep seas outside the Indian search and rescue region.

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