Cricketer turned Politician and former president of Punjab Pradesh Congress committee Navjot Singh Siddhu's wife has been diagnosed with stage 2 invasive cancer. She shared this news via a tweet.While sharing the news on her twitter handle, she wrote, ' He is in the prison for a crime he has not committed. Forgive all those involved. Waiting for you each day outside probably suffering more than you. As usual trying to take your pain away, asked for sharing it. Happened to see a small growth, knew it was bad.' She further added, ' Waited for You, seeing you were denied justice again and again. Truth is so powerful but it takes your tests time and again. KALYUG. Sorry can’t wait for you because it’s stage 2 invasive cancer. Going under the knife today. No one is to be blamed because it’s GODS plan: PERFECT.”  Also read: 'Why Would I Be Ashamed?' : Malayalam actress after her mother delivers baby at 47Congress Punjab president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring tweeted, “I’m sorry that you have to undergo surgery. Thankfully it was detected on time. Praying for your speedy recovery. Waheguru Mehar Karan.'Talking about her husband Navjot Singh Siddhu is presently behind the barsto serve a one-year jail term in a 1988 road rage death case. He was let off in 2018 with a small fine of ₹1,000.OTTIndia updates you with the latest news, Country's no.1 digital news platform OTTIndia, Keeps you updated with national, and international news from all around the world. For more such updates, download OTTIndia app on your Android and IOS device

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