Amul Dairy, which sells milk and its products across the country and the whole world, has taken a unique step and hopes that it will improve the health of millions of countrymen.Also Read: Entertainment: Pride of Gujarat Hirva Trivedi becomes On-screen Daughter of Ajay DevganAfter milk, Amul Dairy's biggest selling product, if any, is Amul's buttermilk. Amul Chaas produced in 98 plants of Amul Dairy has now started to be marketed in a new form. Amul has marketed whey with probiotic properties through dairy and that too at the price of Amul's regular whey to provide better quality whey at an affordable price to consumers.Giving information about this, Jayen Mehta, managing director of Amul brand, said in a conversation with Gujarat First that after Amul milk, whey is the most sold product. Amul sells 25 to 30 lakh liters of molasses produced from all its plants in the market daily which is a huge number. Till date Amul has marketed five products with probiotic bacteria for consumers and Amul has got very good results. Giving information about probiotics, Jayen Mehta said that in the world, many researches have been done that the food items with probiotic properties help to bring effective improvement in the digestive system of a person and the subject has also been accepted globally. So Amul has conducted a novel experiment in whey which will provide probiotic whey to the consumers at the price of plain whey. So that after the epidemic, it can help to increase the immunity of the citizens and bring effective improvement in the digestive system.Let me tell you that Amul Dairy sells between 25 and 30 lakh liters of whey per day, all of which has been marketed since Tuesday with probiotic bacteria priced at Rs 30 per liter and available in bag packs of 400 ml and 720 ml pouches. OTTIndia updates you with the latest news, Country's no.1 digital news platform OTTIndia, Keeps you updated with national, and international news from all around the world. For more such updates, download OTTIndia app on your Android and IOS device

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