Rajasthan ahead of its Vidhan Sabha election has made a huge decision for state's government employees, the state government has actually come up  with a decision related to the promotion of Government employees. Now all the employees working in government sectors can get promoted despite having 3 children.Also Read: Know Interesting Facts About Zakir HussainFirst in the case of OPS and now the children, Rajasthan state government has come up with a huge decision. It was from 1st June 2002 when the govt officers having more than 2 children would be getting promotion, were around 8 lakh of government employees got the benefits of this scheme.  But after BJP's win in the state and after Vasundhara Raje appointed as 1st female CM of the state, a scheme was being implemented that any government employee having 3 or more children would be not promoted.What was the decision? :After BJP government restricted the promotion of employees and other benefits for the last 5 years, it was the demand of employees since  long time. After the implementation of that rule, the employees were getting promoted after 5 years, other than that employee's selection grade was also restricted, now there are certain changes done by the state government. According to the government's source Gehlot government is now behind the progress of government employees ahead of election i the state.OTTIndia updates you with the latest news, Country's no.1 digital news platform OTTIndia, Keeps you updated with national, and international news from all around the world. For more such updates, download OTTIndia app on your Android and IOS device

न्यूज डिफेंस खेल मनोरंजन हेल्थ बीऐपीएस राइटर्स कॉलम कोरोना वायरस पॉडकास्ट जॉब्स